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  • discndat
    Oct 29

    2019 Day Glow was rescheduled to 11/2/19 at Boone Woods. Check in by 2 pm. More info https://www.therealdiscndat.com/store/p1960/2019_Day_Glow_Event.html
  • Michael Jenkins
    May 31

    My son lives in the Columbus area and went to this park the other day. Saw an odd sign about deer and then found this link of a video of some disc golfers.... https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/video-shows-deer-getting-aggressive-with-frisbee-golfers-at-glacier-ridge-park/2016300163
  • Eric Brass
    Oct 29

    Miscellaneous disc golf events and happenings