Course Challenge Series


  • Open - $28

  • Open Women - $23

  • Open Master / Grand Masters - $23

  • Advanced Men / Women - $18

  • Advanced Masters / Grand Masters - $18

  • Intermediate  - $18

  • Recreational Men / Women - $18

  • Novice - $ 10

All CCS events will be sanctioned by the PDGA.  Any non PDGA member other than novice will be charged a $10 fee.  In addition if you are not a current club member, you are not eligible to contribute to the points series championship.  All events will be day of sign ups and we will cap the field at 80 players (20 holes with 4 to a hole).

Sign ups to begin approximately 8:00 am.

$5 late fee for sign-ups after 9:00 am.

There is also an optional $2 ace fund. If no aces are hit that day, a Closest to the Pin (CTP) will be run for half that amount. The rest will carry over to the next event.

Follow the PDGA Rules of Play. We do mix divisions for the first round (allowed in "C" tier). This is so new players can learn from the experienced players so they can pass on their knowledge of the game, rules, and history.


  • Sign-up deadline: 9:00 am

  • Player's meeting: 9:15 am

  • Tee off: 9:30 am

The tournaments consist of two rounds with one hour for lunch in between rounds. Second round starts approximately 1 hour after the last first-round card has been turned in.


Payout will be determined based on PDGA standards for a C - tier event.


These are local events that can easily be run in one day, on one course, with a minimal amount of staff and volunteers, but they certainly do not have to be small and/or simple. There are many large C-Tier events around the world each year that bring in hundreds of players and provide very large payouts for both the professional and amateur divisions.  

  • Current PDGA membership NOT required to compete. Non-current members or non-members pay a $10 per-event fee when registering (except in Junior divisions).

  • Length: 1-2 days

  • Holes: minimum of 18 (36 preferred)

  • Cash Added to Pro Purse: optional

  • Minimum of 85% of Net Entry Fees to both Pro and Amateur payout


This year we will be changing up the CCS. We will no longer be playing for individual honors, we will be playing for the chance to earn money towards improving the courses in your area.  Here’s how it works:

We will divide up into three teams: Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and the East Side.  You choose which team you would like to play for / which courses you would like to represent.

Cincinnati: Mt. Airy, Harbin, Dunham

Northern KY:  Boone, Lincoln Ridge, Idlewild

East Side: Osage, Williamsburg, Johnson Hills

If you don’t want to represent any areas and would like to stay independent you are welcome to do so. Payout will still be the same. (Based on PDGA "C" tier events) We realize that there will be out of town participants or non members that want to play in our events.

All of the CCS events will be sanctioned by the PDGA this year.  The different divisions offered will be:

Novice (This division will not count towards team points and is meant for new players to get experience and learn. Novice will receive a small players pack, but will not receive payout. We hope that new players will play this division until they learn the basics, then move up and play sanctioned levels. Maybe a tournament or 2 max)




Advanced Masters

Advanced Grand Masters


Open Masters

Open Senior Grand Masters

Women's Rec

Women's Open

It will take at least 4 individuals to make a division. You may play any division you are eligible for by PDGA standards. We will play 2 courses in each area and the team with the most points at the end of the season will win. Here is the points break down:

Top placer per division:     6 points

Next highest per division:  5 points

Next highest per division:  4 Points

Next highest per division:  3 Points

Next highest per division:  2 Points

Next highest per division:  1 Point

For example:

Intermediate Results:

  1. Harry Potter (Independent)

  2. Luke Skywalker (East Side)

  3. Bart Simpson (N. Ky)

  4. John Cena (Independent)

  5. Elton John (Cincinnati)

  6. George Foreman (Cincinnati)

  7. Bill Gates (East Side)

  8. Han Solo (N. Ky)

Points breakdown would be:

East Side would get 8 points

Cincinnati would get 7 points

N. Kentucky would get 6 points

You must declare who you are playing for before the start of the 1st round and have it circled on your card at the TD station. Only current club members are eligible to declare a team.

$1 from each entry will be put aside towards the end of the year Champions Course Improvement Fund (max of $80 per event). The winning team will get to vote to decide where they would like to use the money and what it is used for. They will coordinate with the course liaisons for that area and let the club President know what they decide. The team has the possibility to earn $500 for their area to use as they would like.


A particular course is played only once per year. 7 different courses are included in the series over the course of the season.  We also have our annual Cincinnati / Dayton challenge each May. Each year the course schedule is determined in advance by the Club Officers or CCS Coordinator and released by the end of January.

2019 CCS Locations (Dates will be announced soon)

March 30th- Harbin

April 14th- Boone Woods

May 5th-  Monroe (Still waiting on information on Monroe Parks)

June 16th- Osage Grove

July 20th and 21st- Idlewild course clean-up

August - Course clean-up reward and also Flying Pig Open (8-31)

September 15th- Williamsburg

October 12th- Mt. Airy

November 9th- Banklick


Although the course challenge series is open to anyone, a minimum age has been set of 12 years.  Through much discussion and trial, it was agreed this was necessary to ensure speed of play and minimize distractions to other players. We have made exceptions in the past. If you feel you have a younger athlete that is able to be competitive, please contact the club President and he can have it voted on at the next club meeting.

Here is where being a member will come in. In order for your points to be counted towards your team you must be a member of the club! This is a club run event that is raising money. We strongly encourage you to sign up / renew your membership in January or February so that you won’t have that added expense in March.  Also if you haven’t renewed your PDGA membership we encourage you to get that done as well.


The vast majority of members last year asked that we make these events sanctioned and we have listened. But sanctioning these events isn’t free to do. You will notice that there is a slight increase in entrance fees and this is to help cover that. We are still trying to keep things as cheap as possible though.

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