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The Greater Cincinnati Disc Golf Association (GCDGA) is an organization committed to disc golf in the greater Cincinnati area. Through the organization's hard work and persistence, we have a wonderful variety and history of courses available. Our area was one of the leaders in course installation with some dating back to the 70s! In 2019 the club has gone through a huge change. We have rebranded and are now the Greater Cincinnati Disc Golf Association (GCDGA). The GCDGA is always on the lookout for new opportunities to help install or upgrade local courses. This club was originally known as the GCFDA "Greater Cincinnati Flying Disc Association" so you may come across this name from our long history of growth and involvement in our Disc Golf community.

GCDGA members enjoy leagues, a local series of tournaments, and several nationally recognized tournaments every year. Members also enjoy a local newsletter to keep them up-to-date on disc golf locally, and now, the GCDGA has its own web site to further inform its members and others.

For more information, please keep checking this website. If you wish to get in touch with GCDGA immediately, please contact us at one of the addresses below. Help us keep the information flowing; become a GCDGA member and join us out on the course at one of our local events!

GCDGA Officers 
President: Joe Godbey
Vice President: Bill Randolph
Treasurer: Pete Caldwell
Secretary: Tony Vincent

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